Monday, 8 October 2012

Muizenberg Whale

So there was a Southern Right Whale that died on the shore of Muizenberg Beach I couldn't be there but thankfully Zigzag was there it's a shame to see.

Charly's Bakery

Named after the boss's husband this is the front facade of the most romantic building in Cape Town. Reason being it is the number 1 place to buy wedding cakes run by women and it even had it's own show on TV usually you can eat here today it was a bit windy but I'll update another time with all the people.
And if you look closely you'll see wedding inspired cupcake motif on the walls.
A beautiful building in it's own right with wonderful rhythms in the various elements on the facade.
It's easy to see why there is so much love for this building...
Some greenery gives a friendly feel to this building on the fringe of the city a piece that is seeing more and more interesting installation such as the Truth steam-punk coffee shop that I'll feature soon.
Do not be fooled though there are some hardcore users of the shop look at this beast that was parked outside.
A paint technique called 'true fire' it is one of the most desired paint effects in the modified car world .
Yes is has a bit of a spitfire theme with the star graphic, bullet holes, flames and Mrs Dina Mite on the side seen in the next picture.
very sporty stance that tells tales of eating up cars and long stretches of road alike.

Old Mutual Building exterior

So this is the exterior of the Old Mutual Building. Note some interesting details. There are animal heads on the corners of the building appearing as if carved in. Also something that probably wasn't meant to be is the steel handrails that have left their rust stain to the front of the building. Adding a touch that actually adds to the feel of the building making it seem old in a sort of phenomenological manner.
Here is the entrance with the sun gleaming of the Granite clad Entrance way.
There are various stories illustrated on this frieze that goes all along the building. It features colonizers and tribesmen alike.
Here are large warriors on the side facade. This adds to the Egyptian theme of the building. There are Art Deco influences in this building as seen on the previous post's entrance. The frieze , shiny stone clad facade, large statues, grandiose bulking and verticality and triangular windows speak to an Egyptian theme that features largely in the Art Deco era's architecture. The old appearance mentioned earlier inadvertently helps in this theme.
The proportion of the space between the buildings is very comfortable and I often find myself plotting my daily routes so as too pass through this space.
Top right is the Old Mutual Building.

And that is why I was so pleasantly surprised with the interior of the building- totally unexpected. 

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Old Mutual Building

All right it's about time that I'm back! So the bridge that was posted last led to this building look at the simplified facade and interesting windows beautiful! And wait for the surprise.
THIS IS THE ATRIUM! I was walking around like the man who discovered the Cullinan Diamond! A rare and brilliant find I had to run back to work after this exploration not to be late. 

Suspended lightweight steel walkways with maritime themed ties.

These glowing stars add a fastacy-like atmosphere. What I like about this building is it opened my eyes to how impressive well thought out emotive space can be.

A close up of the ties.
In architecture techtonics or how things join is CRUCIAL and here is how they joined pipes with rods nicely done and not exceedingly costly.

And this is the entrance that I left through. Marble clad walls with Art Deco style finishes. All in all well well worth the exploration a truly impressive building. Next, an exploration of the Facade.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Link Space

Alright so lets get back to a bit of architecture again. This is the bridge that connects the Old Mutual Building to the  parking building across the road.

It is a phenominally detailed piece of architecture. It's significance lies in its awareness of architecture as community rather than just isolated buildings. This can be termed pragmatics or how buildings speak to each other. Each building is now a significant counterpart because of the bridge rather than just becoming part of the surrounding fabric.

I once read that two river banks become important to each other as a 'place' because of a bridge. Where one bank would have been where you walk and the other would have been scenery the bridge makes them relatable and they are then both significant to you because you can access them both. In a sense the bridge creates the banks and the river because now they are all important to you. It also creates a destination to arrive at and to proceed from. This is what this link does too.

If this is too theoretical for your liking enjoy the wonderful pics I've posted of this brilliant piece in Cape Town.

Lovely frameless glass connected to a steel frame with a type of spider clip. And that little kinic in the bridge just adds a bit of interest even though it was done for pragmatic and spatial reasons i.e. you don't want a narrow bridge but the hole it needs to respond to in the Old Mutual building is small.

Light in weight and in atmosphere with lots to keep your eye entertained. 

Spatially this a gold. It opens your eyes to a new space in the city being the negative space between the buildings. Where usually one is focused on the buildings that one is travelling between one now becomes aware of the great space between the buildings a breathing space in the density. The bridge's being high up also helps not to pollute the space beneath it making an unimposing structure that does not create a feeling of dead space beneath (because everyone avoids it because its dark and seemingly menacing).  

Just a look that the city through the structure of the bridge. 

Beautiful context looking from an unfamiliar perspective at the surrounding buildings.

So this post has been quite architectural in the text but I just thought I'd explain the significance of these structures and why they excite me.  There are going to be future blogs about other link-spaces in Cape Town but next will be the Old Mutual building a total surprise so keep an eye out for it. 

Friday, 22 June 2012

Grunge City

This post is about grungy places and the beauty that can be unexpectedly found in them. First up is the BOSS 400 shipwreck at the time the biggest crane-ship in South Africa. Wrecked in Maori Bay it has since deteriorated beyond this point. The reference fo this pic is at the end of the blog.

I was pleasantly surprised to see this in the V & A waterfront. It is very VERY similar  to the BOSS 400 wreck  I wonder if they allow it to go round Maori Bay..

Fly overs we are all to pleased to drive over them but avoid the underside of them like the plague because it's dirty, dark and often unsafe. Take a moment and admire the curves, texture and the amazing structure.

It is my opinion that these fly overs could be used positively and activated after all it is a free roof often designed in  such a way that it encloses interesting spaces.

a concave space (architecturally significant) with a beautiful view of the mountains.

Top picture: 
Author and date unknown

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Haha and Peculiar

What you see here is a girl dressed as a column (as in the ones used in buildings this is, after all, an architecturally based blog) being busted by the police after swimming in the pond in the Company Gardens. Michaelis Art School performance art...

A very Ironic slogan it looks like Goodhope FM doesn't know the difference between connecting Cape Town and connecting WITH Cape Town

Moustaches and window stickers definitely two popular things in CT

Rug Nouveau with the same type of curves as those from the Art Nouveau  movement this is a real craft specialty hung in a window of a local rug store.

What a tribute to surfing I really wish there were two boards on the roof. Perfect with half worn white wall tyres.

If people's cars say anything about them these sleepy eyes are a definite reflection of the surfers that we all know so well.

Possibly the only cool minibus taxi I've ever seen. Well done chap.

A great piece of decorative art found outside the entrance of the Westin Grand Hotel.

Poking Nelson's Eye. Not that exciting but the pun was irresistable after noticing that the restaurant's name is Nelson's Eye this crazy dude, Stevan Tseng had but one thing to do: poke it. 

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Purple Turtle

This is a fantastic building that is made special by the simple fact that it is  purple. I am looking at it more from a landmark perspective rather than exploring the building.  I also like is the tongue in cheek name being Purple Turtle two words in the English language that have no rhyming words but they sound similar enough to pass as a rhyme.

The canvas structure definitely could add positively if it were done properly but it needs a bit of work.

What an iconic corner holder.

Great window design definitely in exciting building.

And at the base some lovely sandstone dressed stones. What a beauty.

Monday, 14 May 2012

Newlands Forest

Beautiful cloud capped mountain captured from Newlands forest

Wonderful pine trees of Cape Town and yes a real lens flare I hope all those trying to get rid of these wonders in Cape Town get a cramp in the night

On the drive back home a stop was in place to look back towards Lion's Head

Just perfect to see the mountain from behind the lace-like textures of the forest

A delightful apple coloured mushroom I wouldn't eat this one though usually brightly coloured things signal danger as far as toxins go.