Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Purple Turtle

This is a fantastic building that is made special by the simple fact that it is  purple. I am looking at it more from a landmark perspective rather than exploring the building.  I also like is the tongue in cheek name being Purple Turtle two words in the English language that have no rhyming words but they sound similar enough to pass as a rhyme.

The canvas structure definitely could add positively if it were done properly but it needs a bit of work.

What an iconic corner holder.

Great window design definitely in exciting building.

And at the base some lovely sandstone dressed stones. What a beauty.

Monday, 14 May 2012

Newlands Forest

Beautiful cloud capped mountain captured from Newlands forest

Wonderful pine trees of Cape Town and yes a real lens flare I hope all those trying to get rid of these wonders in Cape Town get a cramp in the night

On the drive back home a stop was in place to look back towards Lion's Head

Just perfect to see the mountain from behind the lace-like textures of the forest

A delightful apple coloured mushroom I wouldn't eat this one though usually brightly coloured things signal danger as far as toxins go.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Mandela Rhodes Place

So this is the thing that shows that there is something special inside: colourful columns.  With a lot of the buildings in Cape Town there is an amazing surprise when you get inside that you might not have expected.
There is an AMAZING atrium in the middle with bridges spanning across it  so that the users can experience this.
And here is the especially noteworthy part. A truely MASSIVE cantilever in the bottom left with  twelve storeys above it! And the flush glazing that transforms into handrails to make it seem as if the top bit of the building is flowing into the base.
Wonderful old building which forms the base of the installation,

This picture emphasises the contrast between old and new and shows how they compliment each other.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Youtube of the Week

So here is the Youtube vid of the week. Wake boarding one of the best pass times in Cape Town. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JEhsizp7cmM&feature=yout.be

Niehaus Gallery

This is the Niehaus gallery in Claremont. An architectural masterpiece by Norbert Rozendal (Roelof Uytenbogaardt's partner). The owner told me this was Rozendal's Cullinan diamond. There is a business plan in the pipeline to assemble funds to finish it.

This is it in its context next to this Victorian style building it is possible to see some of the horizontal lines carry through

A close shot expressing the texture on the bricks with the patina forming from weathering giving the building life and warmth.

This is the interior. The genious of the building is in the contrast of the curves and the geometric

This the back with the same patina expressed on the concrete as on the brick. I remember seeing this building long before I studies architecture and being amazed by the way the geometric glass and timber play with the curved brick. The light materials in static stance and the heavy in flexible positions.

Thank you to the owner for showing me around the building and all of the best with your future endeavour with this project.


V & A

The V   &   A 's main attraction: the bridge and the clock Tower on the right.
This picture is about space: virtual and in-between two themes I've used in my latest architectural project.
The luxury Yacht Yard

This was the Cape Town Electronic Music Festival with acts like Niskerone, Phfat and Goldfish. On top  of the Astin Martin dealership it was the perfect cosmopolitan venue for the best music acts locally.

Black Coffee playing a killer chilled set

A photo of the world's coolest photo booth

Cape Town's number one music act

Dave, Dom and Sekele really got us jumpin

Recycling? Not really but it is a cool temporary display

A restful setting maritime industrial setting 

The old version of the above picture

What an addition to the V & A waterfrontscape