Saturday, 1 June 2013

Truth coffee We Roast Coffee Properly - ain't that the truth. the best coffee locally by far even better than 'that other' international brand not taking away from them though. This hang-out is in Buitenkant Street and it's attention to detail and the love of making a great place to be that makes this place really amazing.

It is a Steam Punk themed coffee shop so the only place for it to be is in an old industrial Victorian building. Owing to the fact that this is an old building that had a new fit-out the atmosphere is real and you sense it as you walk past without even entering. The Espresso Bar (bottom right) is prefect for buying coffee and a snack on the fun and the lettering along with various entrances and buzzing vibe ads to the industrial presence.

The bar is a pressed metal and is a great counter part to the machinery of the coffee roaster in the back.

Some of the old structure is left behind and the concrete casing has been removed to expose the beautiful cast-iron structure. The floor is supported by timber beams and all the additional furniture and structural pieces have a raw industrial feel all themed with the steam punk aesthetic.

The brilliantly crafted machinery is the main draw card of the coffee shop well that and the truly fantastic coffee. 

A back of store shot showing how the attention to detail is carried right through. So much love has been put into the  store with a small bits of machinery that highlight this point.

A very happy skilled art piece as a character adder to the room.

Finally the wood chairs that you sit on. made very simply but innovatively with plumbing  pipes and joints. The chairs can swing in and out in typical Steam Punk over machined fashion.

All in all this is s a brilliant coffee shop with as much love that goes into the actual shop as into the coffee. And yes I am  a very big fan of Truth Coffee.