Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Old Mutual Building

All right it's about time that I'm back! So the bridge that was posted last led to this building look at the simplified facade and interesting windows beautiful! And wait for the surprise.
THIS IS THE ATRIUM! I was walking around like the man who discovered the Cullinan Diamond! A rare and brilliant find I had to run back to work after this exploration not to be late. 

Suspended lightweight steel walkways with maritime themed ties.

These glowing stars add a fastacy-like atmosphere. What I like about this building is it opened my eyes to how impressive well thought out emotive space can be.

A close up of the ties.
In architecture techtonics or how things join is CRUCIAL and here is how they joined pipes with rods nicely done and not exceedingly costly.

And this is the entrance that I left through. Marble clad walls with Art Deco style finishes. All in all well well worth the exploration a truly impressive building. Next, an exploration of the Facade.

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