Monday, 8 October 2012

Charly's Bakery

Named after the boss's husband this is the front facade of the most romantic building in Cape Town. Reason being it is the number 1 place to buy wedding cakes run by women and it even had it's own show on TV usually you can eat here today it was a bit windy but I'll update another time with all the people.
And if you look closely you'll see wedding inspired cupcake motif on the walls.
A beautiful building in it's own right with wonderful rhythms in the various elements on the facade.
It's easy to see why there is so much love for this building...
Some greenery gives a friendly feel to this building on the fringe of the city a piece that is seeing more and more interesting installation such as the Truth steam-punk coffee shop that I'll feature soon.
Do not be fooled though there are some hardcore users of the shop look at this beast that was parked outside.
A paint technique called 'true fire' it is one of the most desired paint effects in the modified car world .
Yes is has a bit of a spitfire theme with the star graphic, bullet holes, flames and Mrs Dina Mite on the side seen in the next picture.
very sporty stance that tells tales of eating up cars and long stretches of road alike.

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