Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Hugo Lambrechts Music School

Alright be offline for a while good to be back the next to posts have a music theme. Enjoy.

Attending a music event in support of  a friend is an assured great evening. Especially if he is the very talented violinist and producer, Ruan Liebenberg. The journey to the Auditorium is like an adventure to something great. You venture through a slightly deteriorated CBD to a building that turns it's back on the road. Then you step into the entrance path.

The building slowly invites you inside with the inside/ outside space relationship blurred thanks to the curved sweeping lines, stepping segments cutting into each other and frameless curtain walls.

In the reception area the spaces flow past each other with mezzanine floors creating differentiation and procession in the bottom space, while offering a smaller more intimate space above.

Then you step into the auditorium. It has a warm atmosphere owing to the wood cladding and bright lights. The curved form makes for a very inviting happy space. The seating is arranged for each person's enjoyment. The pockets of seating makes for more personal mini audiences, while giving height and a sense of formalness to the space. The evening was very enjoyable with young artists opening. Then leading on to the main event at the end where the most experienced artists as well as the principle taking part in a show. The favourites of the evening were the more dramatic movie music pieces such as various pieces from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.
Looking from the mezzanine level one is still in contact with the goings-on below but has a spatial separation which creates a calmer space for those who want to relax or focus.

The gentle curves of the building make the whole event feel special. The space below the mezzanine is where tickets are purchased as well as various refreshments. Thus the procession would be a smaller space denoting entrance, into a large space for many people to stand together and meet up without feeling claustrophobic to a more intimate space for softer interaction for purchasing various items to a large, warm soft space for a grand main event.

The quiet.

This building sings architecturally like the music that issues from the finely crafted and practiced instruments in the auditorium.


  1. I'm so glad you wrote about this place in particular, I've always enjoyed the space of the hall.

    1. I agree what a sense of luxury and class.

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